How To Buy At Our Car Auctions — As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Here at Southside Auto Auctions, our car auctions are held every Monday at 5:30pm (except for public holidays). We have 150 cars to be auctioned each week, with many of our vehicles having no reserve price, so you can pick them up for a very affordable sum. For those that can’t attend our Monday car auctions, we have over 300 Used Cars for sale at wholesale prices on our dealership floor.

Read our guide to buying at our car auctions below:

Register — Take Part In Bidding And Receive Your Own Buyer Number

Before you can start bidding, you need to complete a ‘buyer registration card’ which is available at the front desk. By filling in this card, you agree to the Southside Auto Auctions ‘terms & conditions of auction sale’.

Registering to bid is free and you’ll need to provide current proof of identity – a driver’s licence or passport. Once the card is complete and signed, you will receive your ‘buyers number’ and you’re ready to participate in your first car auction!

Bid — Win A Car Auction & Pay Your Deposit

To bid on a vehicle you must get the attention of the auctioneer by either holding up your hand or waiving the buyer number card. Bidding usually increases in $100, $250, or $500 amounts at a time, however the auctioneer may nominate a higher or lower amount at his/her discretion. It’s important to remember, that you can’t withdraw a bid once you have made it.

If your winning bid is successful, you will be requested to hold up your buyer’s number and pay a deposit at the fall of the hammer.

Buy — Pay The Balance Owed & Collect Your Car

The balance of money owed (after deposit) must be paid by 4:00pm the following business day. A buyer’s premium is applicable to each vehicle purchased at auction. The purchase of two or more vehicles requires payment in full before any vehicle can exit the site.

For more information about buying a car at our car auction centre in Brisbane, please make sure to Contact a friendly member of our team today. Keep an eye out for Southside Auto Auctions on social media for our latest updates.